Як ви його ведете? (киньте для прикладу форму)
Чи реально хтось перевіряє?

ось відповідь бухгалтера
The car report should be done daily. It essentially has to have the next info:

- Name and address of the person using the car
- car info (mark, model, registration number)
- date and time of usage
- the car mileage at the beginning of the trip
- the car mileage at the end of the trip
- is it a business trip or a personal one
- if it is a business trip than you need to disclose additional data:
- purpose of the business trip (eg. Business meeting with XY)
- route of the trip (eg. Ljubljana - Celje - Ljubljana)
Because you are not paying the "boniteta" for the private usage of the car you need to have all the km that you used the car covered with business trip or you have to calculate and pay the taxes for the personal usage of the car.